Do you ever get really distracted by, oh, lets say...everything?  

It seems like some days all I do is bounce around from one demand to another, interrupted by bouts of "Wait...what?"  We are all so busy and juggling so many things that its hard to get stuff done.

If you struggle with your weight, its hard to manage that in the context of our busy distracting modern world.  The great thing about DietBrain is that it is designed to do the thinking and planning for you.  All you need to do is make some selections and go buy what it tells you, and then cook extremely simple recipes, feed yourself (and your family), rinse and repeat!

So the next time your kid (or your stomach) says "What's for dinner?" and your brain replies "Wait..what?"... let the DietBrain take care of it for you!

DietBrain Update

We are hard at work on updates and improvements!

We have been up and running for a couple of weeks now and are learning the ins and outs of bringing a new product to market.  The first thing we are learning is how to convey through the app exactly what DietBrain is and what it can do for the user.  Easier said than done! 

Communication in general can be a difficult thing.  Sometimes you are pretty sure you said "A" and what the listener hears is "B" and thinks you could have actually meant "C".  Either the listener has peanut butter in their ears, or you didn't communicate what you think you did.  You have to find a better way.

If you are using our app right now you are known as an "Early Adopter".  The great thing about being an early adopter is that you often have the ear of the developer, and if the developer is a good one they won't treat you like you have peanut butter in yours. First of all we want to make sure that "A" is what you want to hear, and that it is actually coming through to you. 

Talk to Us!

Let us know what you think of the app and any suggestions you have for improvements.  Here is what we are working on right now:

  • Better consolidation on the shopping menu
  • Improvements in the recipe directions
  • More clarification on food items and ingredients

Thanks for checking us out! Now if you will excuse me I have to get back to work.



Announcing DietBrain : A New Weight Loss App

After much trial and error (and a whole lot of nights and weekends) I am happy to announce that DietBrain is now available in the Google Play Store! 

What we have brought to you in our initial offering is the basic plan I used that resulted in a 45 lb. weight loss during the last year.  The plan is a moderate calorie based plan that when followed as suggested, will result in weight loss. It is similar in design to a meal delivery plan, only instead of ordering boxes of food the dieter shops at the grocery store and is able to eat with the family.  (Pretty sweet, huh?)

The reason it works so well is because it has taken away much of the planning and management that is usually left up to the dieter to figure out.  In short, it works because its easy. 

Paula from DietBrain

We are really just getting started here and have some big plans for DietBrain.  Right now its easy.  We are going to make it even easier.  How are we going to do that?  Well, head over to the Google Play Store and download DietBrain right now.  Then send us your feedback and stay tuned for new developments. (While losing some weight with the help of DietBrain in the meantime!)

Wishing you all much renewed health and success in the new year.  Let's make 2016 a good one kids!

DietBrain Works to Lose Weight

DietBrain works. It works really well; I am living proof of that.  Over the years my weight problem had grown into a huge monster that was hard to kill.  I searched and searched for the right way to get rid of it and although I could get in the fight, it seemed I could just never win.  DietBrain is my silver bullet.  Its the well placed rock that David used to take down Goliath.  Its the key that opened the door. Its my ticket to ride! 

DietBrain is a mobile app that provides a simplified weight loss plan and helps you manage and execute it.  In short, its easy so you don't quit.  The app was developed by myself and my husband.  During the development of the app, I have lost 45 lbs.  I now weight less than I have in 25 years.  That's really weird.  That means most of my 5 kids have never seen me this size.  I have about 60-80 more lbs. to go though I'm not quite sure since I have been overweight since I was 13!  I will hit that goal sometime in the next six months to a year.  I can say that with complete confidence because I know exactly how I'm going to do it.  I'm going to use DietBrain!

Over the next few days and coming weeks I will be sharing with you the story of DietBrain.  What it is, where it came from, and why it works.  And also where and when you can get your hands on it to see if it works for you.

4 Things You Can Do To Stick With Your Weight Loss Plan

Trying to lose weight can be an overwhelming task.  Here are 4 things you can do to increase your odds of success.

1.  Plan Ahead

Whatever plan you choose to follow, do yourself a favor and plan ahead.  Determine exactly how you will manage the day-to-day details of following your diet plan.  Make menus, shopping lists, foods to have on hand, etc.

2.  Set Up Your Kitchen For Success

Where are the cooking pans, bowls, utensils etc. that you will need to prepare your meals?  Do you have measuring cups handy? Do you need to get a sharper knife to cut fruits and vegetables?  Think about how to accommodate  your selected diet plan.

3.  Consider Removing Temptation

Get rid of foods that are not included in your plan.  If that is not possible because of other food requirements in your household, find a way to store them out of your view or access.  Sure, there will be times when you have to resist eating something not in your plan, but if you limit the exposure to temptation you won't have to be flexing your willpower to the point of exhaustion.

4.  Think  About Where  You Might Replace Old Habits    With New Ones

If you typically eat ice cream every night at 10:30 and that is not something you can do on your diet, then what will you do instead?  You many not realize that some of your bad habits are ingrained like some sort of daily ritual, and when you try to just cut them out, there will be a void to fill.  Think ahead about how you can fill that void with something that will support your weight loss goals.  Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you like to do and could look forward to.

These are just a few ideas that may be help you adhere to your plan and increase the odds for your weight loss success.  What are some of the things you have done that made sticking to your plan easier?