DietBrain is a new weight loss app that does the thinking for you.


DietBrain utilizes a simple meal plan with commonly available and family friendly menu items.  It is a moderate plan that offers a variety of fruits, vegetable, lean protein, and fiber.  The selections and recipes offered also create an opportunity to include health supporting foods such as nuts and beans. 


After your initial set up, simply select menu items to fill out your plan for meals and snacks.  (DietBrain will determine the selection choices based on the number of calories required to produce a 1-2 lb loss per week.)


Check out this sample of the DietBrain menu plan.


After your menu is selected for the number of days you are shopping for, the shopping list is instantly ready. 


You can do your meal planning in the parking lot

of your favorite grocery store!


Then follow the simple daily plan using the simple recipes and meal plan stored in DietBrain.

Your family won't even know you are on a diet, and neither will you...that is until you step on the scale!


DietBrain is now available in the Google Playstore!